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2 Introduction

Without changing the way you already work, expand your reach to literally every aspect of your operation - whether you're running just one retail outlet or a hundred. While offering an extensive set of features, ABS Management Studio is still remarkably easy to use. Greatly simplifying the start-up process is the inclusion of database containing basic information for key industry items.

Technical support unsurpassed in the industry sets us apart from the rest. While our unique, dedicated system is the cornerstone of our business, applying its full potential to yours is what's made us successful. Our System is committed to the success of our customers. Our mission is to provide business entities with the best automation tools available so they can compete and prosper in today's challenging marketplace.

9 Key Features
  • Available customization for any type of Business;
  • Very easy to use report designer;
  • Can be connected to any type of structured data.(Database,file etc...);
  • Authentication based on Microsoft Active Directory of Workgroup;
  • Authoring System.
  • Minimal hardware requirements;
  • Built In Dynamic Menu Builder;
  • Unlimited Template;
  • Easy Installation;
  • Multiple menus with different styles and sections;
  • End-user service delivery.
ABS Market

Reporting module;
Shopping module;
Inventory management;

ABS Accounting

Accounting module;
Reporting module;
Trading module;
Inventory management;

ABS Trading

Reporting module;
Accounting module;
Trading module;
Logistics module;
PDA Online;